Sunday, March 29, 2009

custom bow to match hibiscus baby dress

this bow is a custom i just finished to match an amazing dress made by my uber talented sister in law joline! you can see the dress here:

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

another necklace and a hairpin

this necklace was inspired by the spring that has appeared in the last two weeks. the budding leaves, flowers and cardinals have suddenly sprung to life in our backyard.

this flower hairpin is made with wooden beads, an acrylic center bead and sterling silver wire on a 2" hair pin. a warm little flower for the summer that will quickly follow this lovely spring.

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Friday, March 27, 2009

new necklace

this is the necklace i got to make last night. i had invisioned it as a 3 strand necklace, with one of them being silver wire and chain with a few stones, but it was just too much. this necklace looks really beautiful on! it has dichroic glass, tiger's eye, amber, ceramic and acrylic beads.

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

easter bow

i had a wonderful customer ask for a custom to match the easter dress she'd bought for her daughter recently. i loved the dress so much i went and got it for both of my girls! this is her bow on lyra's dress. i still have to make the bows for my girls, isn't it a lovely classic dress? very pretty, it's from the children's place.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

where'd she get this hair?

if lyra isn't wearing pig tails, this is what her hair looks like! i try to put it back with clips and she tears them right out. her hair naturally hangs straight in her face. she's going to hate it when she's older, lol.

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