Thursday, April 22, 2010

orange fennel salad

tonight's salad course proved to be a hit with us adults, and a moderate hit with the littles (who are not normally fans of salad). so, here i am to share it with whoever might read this. it was super simple

first make your candied almond slices: melt butter in small sautee pan, add brown sugar and powdered mustard and ground cardamom, let that melt and bubble for a while then toss in your almonds and stir till coated, then pour onto parchment in a thin layer to cool

cut up your romaine lettuce
add fresh fennel bulb thinly sliced
peel 3 clementines and cut each segment in half
toss these together in a large bowl

make the dressing in blender/food processor
squeeze one large lemon and one clementine into the bowl
2 Tb seasoned sushi vinegar
2 Tb golden balsamic
a good squeeze of honey
if it's a little strong add a little water to taste
turn it on and slowly add your olive oil. i admittedly didn't measure this, but i don't use much oil in my dressings, so probably 1/4 cup
add a little dressing to the bowl and toss to coat

put into individual bowls and top with soft goat cheese and the almonds and the extra dressing is for those like ME who love lots of dressing :)
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