Thursday, February 26, 2009

two new necklaces

These two necklaces are for my first stocking with Venus Vanguard. The theme is "punk rock girl and Renaissance man". The men's necklace is wood and Sodalite with a sterling silver magnetic clasp. I know how much guys hate fumbling with clasps! The punk rock girl necklace is really a women's necklace ;) The pendant is acrylic, the chain and links are sterling. There are faceted rose quartz, faceted glass jet, rose alabaster Swarovski crystals and little black ceramic beads. The charms are unfortunately not sterling, but it's impossible to find really cool things in solid sterling! This is one necklace I wouldn't mind if it didn't sell, hehe.

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Scottish Short Bread

I love cookies, but if I eat more than one or two the eggs in them make me feel like I've got a dagger sticking in my belly. Not the most pleasant experience! I really wanted to make valentine's cookies with the kids and we found this amazingly simple and delicious recipe for Scottish short bread. I added some vanilla to the small list of ingredients (flour, butter and sugar). We used salted amish farm butter, organic flour, sugar and vanilla. Archer and Eleri actually helped a lot! They both used the mixer and stirred in the flour. Archer got a bit more flour on himself than the dough. :) Lyra cooperated by toddling past us numerous times looking cute. My house smells soooo good. I think there may be a danger to being able to eat more than one or two cookies.....

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Friday, February 6, 2009

Bird Necklace

I really love this necklace, I am trying to decide whether to just keep it for myself, or include it in the grand (re)opening of Adora Boutique. All links are hand made in solid sterling silver wire. The heart clasp latches on to a handmade and hammered silver loop that features a fresh water pearl.

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