Monday, February 9, 2009

Scottish Short Bread

I love cookies, but if I eat more than one or two the eggs in them make me feel like I've got a dagger sticking in my belly. Not the most pleasant experience! I really wanted to make valentine's cookies with the kids and we found this amazingly simple and delicious recipe for Scottish short bread. I added some vanilla to the small list of ingredients (flour, butter and sugar). We used salted amish farm butter, organic flour, sugar and vanilla. Archer and Eleri actually helped a lot! They both used the mixer and stirred in the flour. Archer got a bit more flour on himself than the dough. :) Lyra cooperated by toddling past us numerous times looking cute. My house smells soooo good. I think there may be a danger to being able to eat more than one or two cookies.....

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