Sunday, January 25, 2009

a few of the things i accomplished today

since austin took the babies to his family's house, i had some time to actually make things, and clean unhindered! i love the babies, but they're not the best helpers quite yet. i cleaned about half the downstairs and mopped, and even scrubbed the wood floors on my hands and knees, and then i decided i was done with cleaning! i made a few things for my first stocking at Creatively Serene, it's going to be Feb 1st.

the reason it takes me so long is i hand sew each and every layer before gluing. this insures the bow isn't going to fall apart or come loose :)

these are to match the newest gymbo line! it's so cute. i'm secretly hoping these don't sell so i can have an excuse to buy some clothes :)

and finally, i started making something for ME. i can't remember the last time i did that. i've had this pendant forever and i finally decided to start a necklace with it. the stones are rose quartz, sodalite, amethyst and there is also some freshwater pearl. it takes so long to make each link by hand out of silver wire i didn't get to finish tonight, i wonder when i'll actually finish, lol.
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Daniel James said...

You make each link by HAND?! That's... just... WOW!

I've worn hand made necklaces before, but they have always either been braided hemp, black cord, or clear plastic with beads and such on them. I had one made of a some stone I don't know that was in the shape of a turtle, his mouth being the connection point. I cherished that necklace for so long. One day, the last thread of hemp broke, it hit the ground and shattered. Since then, I don't really wear a necklace any more.

I have been thinking of getting a tattoo with a turtle in it.