Monday, January 26, 2009

math on a cold day

today ended up being a cold and rainy day. normally i dread these days, no outside play makes archer and eleri a bit on the crazy side. it was after lunch and time for us to do 'math'. in this case, learning our numbers. i had an idea, that worked brilliantly, to get them moving and recognizing and ordering numbers! on the front door i put post its with 1-15, scattered randomly. then i had them stand at the back door. they took turns running as fast as they could, and had to grab the next number in order. then they ran back and stuck it in on the back door in order. they had a blast, and we played it twice, switching who was odds and who was evens.

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Daniel James said...

You are so creative it makes me jealous.

mrsjackblack said...

creative? or desperate, lol ;)

Robin said...

just reading your blog and feeling like i NEED to do this today - my kids are making me crazy at home sick. great idea!